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Astro400E satellite positioning system is made up of anti-theft,location,monitoring, SOS alarm,advertising,vehicle scheduling, photograph and tracking function.It’s simple to use,easy to operate and full-featured,mainly used in monitoring and positioning service of vehicles or other moving objects. 

Astro400E completely support GPRS/WCDMA network data transmission function,and its combination  with GPRS/WCDMA platform software makes it applicable for large group monitoring, urgent scheduling, location service and traffic security management etc. Astro400E also fits for large construction measurement, military surveys, precision positioning, mobile base station location and other special fields.




Device Dimension




Working voltage

12 V----36 V  DC

Working current

30mA,Data transmit from 70-110120mA,

Backup battery

300 mA/h



Working temperature



5%---95%Not condense

WCDMA Quad band

900MHz / 2100 MHz,850MHz / 1900 MHz

GPS sensitivity


GPS working current


GPS transmission speed


GPS position accuracy


GPS cold start


GPS hot start


LED indicator

Green/Red shows GPS/GPRS/WCDMA status

Product Description
GPS Tracker
Built-in 3G wireless network, support GPRS/WCDMA network
Small size,easy to install
Multiple serial ports, can extend function according to users
Support GPS location mode
Support GPRS/WCDMA network data transmission function
Support terminal parameter setting in variety of ways
Support pointing monitoring, point to group, group to group and all-round monitoring
Support anti-theft, location, monitoring,SOS alarm and tracking etc
Support Camera, SOS photograph and triggertrap etc
Support LED advertise release
Terminal extend device support 2 self defined trigger lines
Support tele-cut alarm
Device Dimension: 145*104*36(mm)
Color: Black
Working voltage: 12 V-36 V  DC
Working current: 30mA,Data transmit from 70-110,120mA,
Backup battery: 300 mA/h
Weight: 400g
Working temperature: -20℃—70℃
Humidity: 5%—95%(Not condense)
WCDMA Quad band: 900MHz / 2100 MHz,850MHz / 1900 MHz
GPS sensitivity: 165dBm
GPS working current: 120mA
GPS transmission speed: 9600
GPS position accuracy: 5m
GPS cold start: <45s
GPS hot start: <1s
LED indicator: Green/Red shows GPS/GPRS/WCDMA status
Product Features
Independent CPU, industry grade design
High sensitivity GPS chipset
SMS/email alert
GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Quad band
Built-in GSM antenna
Two GPS antenna, once built-out GPS antenna is cut,
built-in GPS antenna can switch to start working automatical
Two-way audio function
Buzzer alarm function to report wrong behavior
Uncap alarm, GPS antenna cut-off alarm,
GPS module abnormal alarm
ACC status detection and alarm
Remote power cut-off function
1 temperature sensor, can detect temperature SOS button for emergency alarm
Tracking and setting app for Android Geo-fence alarming function
Tracking and setting app for IOS Acceleration sensor, can detect hard brake,
hard acceleration,sharp turn wrong driving
Product accessories
GPS Tracking Platform
Web-based online tracking system
Tracking and setting app for android and IOS

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