OBD remote diagnosis solution    

Market requirement

With the development of auto industry, private car increase day by day,owner pay more and more attention on the humanization, intelligentialize and functionalization of the vehicle,so OBD car networking appear, it resolve this problem.OBD car networking conclude these service: travel safety,fault detect,annual verification,maintenance remind,A key to rescue and so on.it realize human and vehicle interaction,resolve owner’s worries.

Main  function of system

Applicable industries

The company vehicle management,4S stores,vehicle servicing station

Functional characteristics


Real-time tracking: inquire the location,direction,speed,time,date,vehicle information(state of the door,state of firing,protection status etc.)

Trajectory querying: can check history track in three months


Set up defenseclose the door in power off state,press the original car remote-control unit lock key,vehicle padlock device enter alert state.


Remove defensein the state of alert, press the original car remote-control unit lock key ,open the lock, vehicle enter remove defense state.Central door lock function,vehicle in fire state, all the door lock and kick the brake,lock the control door ,stop the vehicle and close the ACC, lock will auto-open.


The main electric power off alarm(prevent the demolition):electronic function:two minutes after the vehicle power off,terminal will enter power-down mode, close GPS power source.


Overspeed alarm:work under GPS signal location,in the process of driving,if speed surpass the setting speed over 5s, overspeed alarm, if speed over the setting speed persistently,only report remove once. If speed under the setting speed over 10s,platform remove speed limitation.


Intelligent check vehicle:can check vehicle driving state through mobile phone client, real-time location information,human and vehicle mutual.


Vehicle condition check: read engine system/ABS system/braking systems/automatic transmission fault code, and show the fault content accordingly.


Clear fault code function: can clear virtual fault information, avoid increasing the cost of maintenance,and the system will reserve the fault information for the professional maintenance staff to confer, save maintenance time,removing hidden danger in time nip in the bud.


Read mileage function: read the total mileage of the vehicle ,the left mileage to the next maintain,the mileage after malfunction.


Read oil consumption function: read total oil consumption information a certain period of time, the owner will know the real-time oil consumption.


Oil consumption monitor function: Monitor vehicle under different speed,engine rotate speed,make owner know fuel consumption state.


The data presented:vehicle driving speed,engine speed engine coolant temperature(water temperature),vehicle battery voltage,operation time after engine start(operation time after single start),trouble light state,ON/OFF, engine calculated load,fuel pressure,intake manifold absolute pressure,engine air inlet temperature,air mass flow,air damper position sensor, vehicle environment temperature,accelerator pedal position,ignition lock ACC state,ignition lock ON information,remote key lock,open door information(set up defense,prevent the demolition information),open door information,close door information,tap position information,horn information,hazard light information.


Remind maintenance function: need to maintenance, 4S stores and maintenance station inform owner to repair and maintaining statedly, and inform the time to maintain.


Health driving report function:”Health driving report” show “Average fuel consumption”, “operating range”,”travel time “total distance” of each speed section,owner can real-time known the relation between driving habits and fuel consumption.


 Tracking platform&APP